jeudi 1 novembre 2012

New York, le 1 novembre après Sandy

Dernière nouvelles jeudi 1 novembre de Club de Jazz mythique: Cornelia Street Cafe

Toujours pas de l'électricité  dans cette partie de Manhatten  bien connue pour ces nombreux clubs de jazz 
comme Blue Note, Smalls, Fat Cat, Village Vanguard

Last night, brilliantly
we opened for five hours
with two lights powered by
Chef Dan's car
one in the kitchen 
one illuminating the bar

And with twelve extension cords
we rigged up Daniel Cainer's keyboard
and a mike
in the back dining room
and, for twelve intrepid souls
he gave a candlelit concert
they will never forget.
It was an extraordinary evening
But there is still no power.
Con Ed's best estimate is that
power will come on by 6pm Friday

So we currently plan a soft limited menu opening
Friday evening
and hope to be back at full throttle
for Saturday and Sunday
HOWEVER, since there are new restrictions
about traveling into Manhattan
and Dan's car is in danger of running out of gas
(just kidding!)
we have decided to cancel the Salon tonight
and Bob's party on Saturday.

Stay tuned for replays

CSC painting by Stephen Magsig

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