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Concert quartet Pierre Coulon Cerisier, Geraldine Laurent, Michel Altier et Samuel Silvant
20140510 junas concert à anduze
concert de jazz à Anduze organisation Jazz à Junas école de musique
Ajoutée le 19/05/2014

Junas 2013 en l'air avec Arnaud Méthivier
We have a sneak preview of three Superbowl commercials,check them out!!!

201307_18_19_20 junas jazz en ballon par zimprod

Un peu de la nostalgie anglaise at Ronnie !Scott' Jazz Club à Londres

Documentary: Ronnie Scott's

Maybe you've visited Ronnie Scott's on vacation in London. If you're a musician, maybe you've played there. Or you probably have albums that were recorded live there. Whatever your relationship with the fabled club, odds are you know virtually nothing about its history. That ends today.
 a terrific BBC documentary on the jazz establishment—co-founded by tenor saxophonists Ronnie Scott and Peter King. The documentary features rare performance footage of Ella Fitzgerald, Zoot Sims, Sonny Stitt, Stan Getz, Bill Evans, Sonny Rollins, Buddy Rich, Ben Webster and side of Mel Brooks you've never seen before. And be sure to catch King's fast aside at 21:24—"Two and six, all night." [Pictured above, from left: the late Peter King and Ronnie Scott]

JazzWax note: A special thanks to Don Emanuel for sending this one along.

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